Saturday, September 20, 2008

VS: The Clone Wars - Zazzala Edition

The more often I think about the Clone Saga format that is probably over right now, the more I like it. As always, there will definitely be people who just spam a Legend or two, and that's fine - they'll beat the ever living piss out of me, seven or eight times out of ten. Then there are the people who are genuinely skilled deckbuilders and VS players, and they'll tear me apart ten times out of ten. But, when there's no one to play with in your area, you begin to build bizarre, fun decks that may never see the light of day, but which are still insanely fun.

So, the Clone Saga format may be done and over with for you 'real players' out there, who 'know the rules' and 'build real decks'. But for the rest of me, it's still a magnificently fun format with a lot of promise. For example...

The Clone Queens
4x Maria Hill, Deputy Commander of SHIELD
3x Cheetah, Feral Feline
4x Zazzala <> Queen Bee, Mistress of the Hive
4x The Calculator, Noah Cutler
15x SHIELD Agents, Army

3x Birthing Chamber

4x Origin Story
4x Baddest of the Bad
4x Coercion, Team-Up
3x Secret War, Team-Up
4x STAR Squad
4x You're Under Arrest
4x Death Trap

The deck is pretty simple. If one Zazzala can brutalize an opponent, how about 2? Or 3? And what happens when you combine them with the SHIELD Agents, who burn on entering play? In a single turn, say...turn 4, with two Zazzala's and a single SHIELD Agent, you can burn for 2 when the Agent comes in, then during the combat phase, play STAR Squad, burn for 4 when he leaves...and put another into play for free. At the cost of no board presence at all and a single card, you've dealt 8 damage. Origin Story and Baddest of the Bad, even Secret War become painful burn effects that also help you out.

Simple, but it seems pretty efficient, and also VERY cost-effective. I'll try and do some test draws with it, let you know how it plays out, but if any of you ever get to play VU/SHIELD and it's similar to this, let me know how it plays. The idea's probably been done a hundred times before, but...uhh...this time, it was done by me, so it was done in a more slapdash, sloppy manner.

And that's a good thing?

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