Saturday, September 6, 2008

VS: The Clone Wars - Silver Sable Edition

Again with this non-unique thing - I love it! Yeah, there'll be plenty of players who use it to do the obvious and just use it to play 17 copies of Wolverine, and that's kind of boring, if massively effective. However, I like looking at the minor characters that are good on their own and asking, "How would they be if you could have two out? Three? Four?" With some, like Barbara Gordon, the answer is - 'eh'. They'd be decent, but not great.

I think this time, though, I've found a character who could potentially rock this format something fierce. So, here's the Silver Sable edition of the Clone Saga format...

4x Powell, Southern Charm
3x Speed, Thomas Shephard * Young Avenger
3x Iron Fist, Secret Avenger

4x Captain America, The Patriot * Secret Avenger
3x Iron Fist <> Daredevil, Imposter * Secret Avenger
3x Hawkeye <> Ronin, Secret Avenger

4x Battlestar, Lamar Hoskins
3x Man-Eater, Intruders

4x Silver Sable, World’s Deadliest Mercenary

3x Bounty Hunt
3x Stealthcraft, Team-Up
3x Shield Slash
4x What Are Friends For?
4x Secret Avengers, Team-Up
4x Mobilize
1x Omnipotence
4x Pathetic Attempt

3x Capture Net

With Secret Avengers, you can cheat Silver Sable's recruit cost, negating the need to hit your Wild Pack 3-drops with Stealthcraft - it helps out with Mobilize, too. Powell can fetch you Bounty Hunt, Stealthcraft, Secret Avengers, or Omnipotence, as needed. Omnipotence is there for the format - you'll be running into a lot of Legends, and Omnipotence can help shut them down, same as Pathetic Attempt.

Shield Slash, I've found, is a great card when you're dropping out multiple hidden two-drop Captain Americas - a single copy can generally net you somewhere between -6 and -12 attack in a given turn, which is more than enough to make up for not having any drop higher than 4. Meanwhile, What Are Friends For? makes attacking Silver Sable a risky proposition at best.

Using Sable's bounce effect and Capture Net, you should be able to clear your opponent's board every single turn, keeping their legend count low and negating many of the benefits of the format, and adding Bounty Hunt to that can give you some brutal card draw - especially if you get multiple copies of it going at once. Adding that to the fact that Capture Net can be used to save a Silver Sable if you absolutely have to.

The deck could use some fine-tuning, but overall it's a fairly effective trick. It's not hard to ensure that you hit Silver Sable, and once you do, it's not difficult to keep things going. I have to help the good people at VSrealms for the suggestions they gave me. Let me know if you ever get to try the deck out, and have a great weekend!

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