Monday, September 1, 2008

Fake, but Cool

So, with the success of The Dark Knight - now the second highest grossing film of all time, and the second movie ever to top 500 million dollars in the box office - a sequel is almost a given. Caine, Bale, Freeman, and others all apparently have a three-picture deal, making it even more likely that we'll see another one in a few years, but the big question, obviously, is will writer/director Christopher Nolan return? Reportedly, he wasn't planning on coming back for the second movie until Ledger approached him with an idea on the Joker.

Knowing that, it doesn't seem likely that Nolan will return - well, knowing that AND knowing how hard it will be to mimic the success of the Dark Knight. Still, I suspect that A LOT of people will want him to, both fans and the studio, since he made an awesome movie and a whole lot of money. So, some fans began to work on making posters for the inevitable sequel.

First up, an untitled Batman 3 poster with the villainous Riddler...

and next, featuring the assassin Deadshot...

Finally, featuring Batman's most deadly nemesis...


So, three fake movie posters - the last one not quite as serious as the first two. If you were casting the next Batman movie, what villains would you want to see - and who would you see playing them?

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