Saturday, April 5, 2008

Windy City Throwdown 2

So, we stayed up late drafting DC Legends and generally dicking around. The draft was fun, I went 2-1 with a rare-heavy JLA/Titans/LoA deck that had Riddler on 1, Batman on 3, Barry Allen on 4, and Starfire on 7, and was, in fact, fairly brutal.

Then we woke up today, the Athens-tachi, and went to Denny's for breakfast. After that, we got back and began constructing decks for the Galactus Raids that would be going on at random times throughout the weekend. None of us were in the Silver Age tournament, so we decided to wait for the Modern Age deckbuilding until tonight.

Out Galactus decks are going to be Modern Age, and we built up MK-Hidden, X-Men swarm, and DIG, which should be crazy. I'll post results on our Epic Struggle a little later.

For now, a little on the Silver Age tourny thus far.

First off, ending Round Five, there are still 75 people playing in this tourny alone, let alone who's getting in on the Supercrossover Sealed. Todd Carlson, Tim Rivera, and Charles Griffith are heading the field with 5 wins each, but a number of players are hovering at four wins. A few names I recognize sitting pretty at 4-1: Squire Kershner, Abacu Miranda, Niles Rowland, and Patrick Yapjoco. I'll try and get more info on some of the winning decks, and some of the interesting ones, when I can, but my own event, the Super Crossover Sealed, begins...right about now.

The place is fairly packed, but it looks like everyone is enjoying themselves a lot. In other words, things in the Windy City are rockin' right now. Wish you all could be here.

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