Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Deck Feature: Pax Romana

So, I have a hobby league. A ridiculous one. Everyone has their good decks, but I'm especially blessed to see an almost shocking amount of hilarious jank out there. Whe they discovered that I had a blog but still refused to read it or comment or vote for me - because they're mean - I still promised that I'd be REALLY nice and do a little write up on some of them.

So, Saker Alexander, a long-haired, disturbing man-boy sent me this

Decklist: Pax Romana

Silver Sable: Silver Sablinova x 4
Michael Holt: Mr. Terrific x 3
Wild Pack x 14
Zabu x1
Scarlet Spider: Ben Reilly x 3
Spider-Man: Cosmic Spider-Man x 1
Spider-Man: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man x 3
Queen of Fables: Wickedest Witch x 1
Terry Sloane: Mr. Terrific x 2
Kate Spencer <> Manhunter x1

Flying Kick x2
Pleasant Distraction x1
The Future Is Changing x1
Burn Rubber x1
Mega-Blast x3

Nice Try! x2
Forged In Crisis x1
Poker Night x1
Allied Against the Dark x4
Deflection x3
Swing Into Action x1
Surrounded x1

T-Spheres x4
Armored Spider Suit x2


Birthing Chamber x3

along with, and believe me when I say, brace yourself, this:

Now, the deck is an army deck that gets massive upcurve swing bonuses thanks to the JSA. It has cards that I've never even heard of - Armored Spider Suit? Really? - and it uses the Birthing Chamber to keep its hand up. Deflection can be pretty brutal in this deck, but in the end, the deck itself is just something he busts out when we all play our silliest decks.

Why am I doing this? I could be doing so much more. I could be doing reviews for some of the cards already previewed - and believe me, I love spouting my opinion at the drop of a hat. I could be giving you better decks ("psh!" I heard you say, "this deck is brilliant - there could be no better decks." Okay, I know. I meant, perhaps, other decks). I could be talking about comics, the history behind the little-known characters or teams. But, instead, I give you: THE PAX ROMANA. I hope you enjoy it. Even if you never use it.

Regular updates coming up again soon!

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