Saturday, April 5, 2008

Super Crossover Sealed, round 1

Well, I lost my first match, after opening packs that were...less than stellar. Taking out World's Finest and replacing it with Marvel Team-Up hurts, making the format even more beat-oriented. Tragically, I pulled only two attack pumps: Break You...and Break You. Lacking card draw (outside of a single, lonely Ego Gem), I couldn't run it. I made due, however, with Acrobatic Dodge, Cover Fire, and a few other defense pumps.

My opponent played a good game. Unnatural Selection rocked my face early game, KO-ing my 4-drop and milling my Remote Facility. I got him on a surprise Poker Night, but he got me way worse with a surprise Burn Rubber. The format was crazy, and ultimately, I lost -2 - -1 thanks to Pyro's burn effect and Mattie Franklin exhausting my 6-drop after I blew her out. Results should go up pretty soon.

It's a 9 round no cut sealed tournament spanning literally the entire history of Vs System. I'm having a good time, even as I opened my packs and pulled, get this: Namorita, Atlantean Warrior Princess; New Era; Superman, Big Blue Boy Scout; The Annihilation Wave; and Mr. Sinister, Dr. Nathaniel Essex.

Gotta run - round 2 begins!

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