Saturday, April 5, 2008

Super Crossover Sealed, round 3

Man, another close match. -9 to -10, my win. Big Blue Boyscout, Caped Crusader, and Brunhilde on the board, and Batman dealt 22 damage before Big Blue swung for the win.

In round three, my opponent and I were running neck in neck up 'til turn 6, when I underdropped three 2-drops with a Fastball Special in my row to take care of his six. Had it worked, I could've wiped the board that turn, but a rogue Trial by Jury blew me out, then Spider-Man exhausted my 4-drop Spider-Man, and I was left with only Brunhilde on attack - who got stunned back by Titans Tower when attacking into Raven.

So, 1-2 for me. I'm doing just about as poorly as I had thought I would, but I gotta admit, stalling to 8 - when it works - is completely awesome. Sadly, it almost never works in such an aggressive format. Ah, well. I'm still having fun. I'll fill you in again later.

-Silver Age tourny just ended.

1 Tim Rivera
2 Vince Blasko
3 Patrick Yapjoco
4 Todd Carlson
5 Robert Rietze
6 Michael Barnes
7 Chris Park
8 Niles Rowland

They be the top 8. More on this later.

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