Friday, April 4, 2008

Windy City Throw-Down, Friday

After a brutal 7+ hour drive, we arrive at the Windy City. Too late to join the Megaweekend Warm-up, but not too late to blow a ton of cash. Monji, one of the Athens-tachi, threw down for a box of DC Legends - or 18 packs. I picked up some sleeves, and then we grabbed some food at the Chinese Buffet across the street.

The Silver Age tournament was pretty standard fare, with a few awesome exceptions. Yapjoco was present, playing an Insanity deck that was doing...well, it wasn't doing terrible. Okay, it was doing pretty bad, but when it went off, it went spectacularly. Moloids was popular, to the surprise of absolutely no one, but so was Spider-Heralds Stall, to the surprise of some. Shane Wiggins was playing 12-Man Inhumans that was, apparently, exploding in his face. There was also a brutal MK-Equipment deck that culminated in Cyborg with at least three pieces of equipment. Seems like most of the people here were saving any bizarre, surprising decks for the big games tomorrow.

Sorry it's not more in-depth - got here late and tired, missed most of the action.


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