Monday, April 21, 2008

Deck Idea: FF/TT

So, I did a lot of trading this weekend. Got rid of Berserker Rage, 2 Gladiator, a foil Defensive Formation, and more. In return, among other things, I got 4x Roy Harper <> Arsenal, Additional Firepower. Now, recently, I also managed to pick up 4x Signal Flare and built a modern-age F4 deck. And, you know what, I like the synergy between Roy Harper <> Arsenal, Additional Firepower and Human Torch, Nova Blast. Luke Cage, Steel Hard Skin works pretty well, too, and though the Titans lost Tempest, the Four found Namorita.

Over the course of the next week, I'm going to be testing out some team-attack builds between the two teams, and then playing a few games with it over the next couple weeks to let you know what I think. It could be interesting - though I must say, I definitely don't want to be seeing an Omnipotence across the field.

So, the core of the deck.

Roy Harper <> Arsenal, Additional Firepower
Human Torch, Nova Blast
Teen Titans Go!

With definite additions
Luke Cage, Steel Hard Skin
Namorita, Atlantean Warrior Princess

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