Thursday, April 24, 2008

TT/FF: The Return

Deck list coming over the weekend, but here are some thoughts.

Weaknesses: You NEED to hit Luke Cage, Roy Harper, and Human Torch. If any of those three characters are taken offline permanently, it's very difficult. If ALL of them are taken offline, you lose, flat-out. Teen Titans Go! is also absolutely crucial.

Because of this: Have a Blast! and Pathetic Attempt are fairly vital cards. Pathetic Attempt against the weenie-hate, Have a Blast against Omnipotence.

I played the deck three times tonight.

Game 1: Brave and the Bold single set.


Missing Luke Cage until turn 7 hurt me, but when I hit him, I hit him hard. Luke Cage + 3 TTG! drew me 8 cards that turn.

Have a Blast shutting down their team-up hurt them a lot, especially when they team attacked expecting the protection of Dynamic Duo.

Firewall is brutal in this deck. I found that my opponent had to dedicate a significant amount of resources towards shutting down Roy Harper and Human Torch, because those two hurt him too much. Adding Miss Martian to the mix shut him down fairly completely.

Game 2: Check/VU


Fatality hurts. A lot. However, if they don't put the cloak on Fatality, I can and will shut her down every single turn - and if they do, I will King Kill him. So while Fatality hurts, you have easy answers.

The Torch/Harper engine shuts down a number of their effects. It's hard for them to reliably swing down-curve, and they begin to lose the ability to keep their board presence.

All that aside, I ONLY won because I got lucky. I put up a good fight against Check/VU, but the reliability and power of that deck is fairly brutal.

Game 3: Pax Romana

...okay, I wiped the floor with him. Sorry, Saker - I just drew really, really well.

General Deck Thoughts.

The deck is undeniably powerful, but it doesn't reliably have a kill-condition, a problem I ran into repeatedly. The deck struggles to kill - it's struggling is powerful and the engine runs beautifully when you get it online, but it still struggles. My highest drop is 5-drop Miss Martian, but I'm unsure what exactly I want to use as my kill. 7-drop Starfire, maybe? I just don't know. Any suggestions for a good kill?

I need to have Roy and Torch on the field together by 5. I also need to have hit Luke Cage before then. I hit him on 2, I gain at least 4 cards before he leaves play, possibly more. Otherwise, I drop him and a 3, or another 2 and a 1 on turn 5. But Luke is important.

Deck list will be up this weekend. It's a really fun deck to play, even when it's falling apart, so I recommend you give it a shot. For all that I say it's so, Luke isn't absolutely necessary - Roy is the only rare you really NEED, I think. Anyway...

Hope you enjoy!

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