Thursday, March 27, 2008

Waiting (or, I Hate Oblivion)

So, I've been digging through older cards and stranger deck ideas, things that I always enjoyed playing but never took the time to tweak because they weren't really legal in any formats I played. After all, I'm always looking for interesting decks to take to the Megaweekend. Sadly, most of them still aren't - I thought, briefly, about taking my MMK Swan Dive deck to the BYOS tournament, but looking at the schedule, I will very probably be getting my ass kicked in the Modern Age tournament, instead - I promised my girlfriend I would try and win her a Wii. I will try. I will also fail. My Barbara Gordon Legends deck isn't legal in any age but Golden now, sadly.

Further, looking at the schedule, it seems like I'm going to do the Supercrossover Sealed - it's cheaper than the other tournament, and it looks like a helluva lot of fun. Playing in a Silver Age tournament, I'm hampered by the fact that

A) I love jank, and build really fun jank, but I do not build tourny-level superjank. I have the heart, but not the mind.

B) I don't collect playsets. I mean, yeah, I have a playset of almost every Shadowpact card, largely foiled...but that was an extreme exception. I have 2 Mobilize from the Random Punks tourny (thanks, UDE!), no Enemy, no Signal Flare, etc...I have no money-ish rares, really.

C) The only decks I've ever successfully piloted in a tournament environment are Avengers/Other Team team-attack decks. Avengers/Legionnaires was my most successful, but I also played Avengers/X-Statix well, and if MVL hadn't knocked MAV out of format, I would've loved to try Avengers/X-Men.

This is hardly set in stone. I'm still thinking about Silver Age, especially with my Heralds/Legionnaires life-gain deck. It actually plays pretty well against at least one of the big decks - Hidden IG. On the other hand, however, it can't touch Endgame decks. Generally, if a deck wins my trying to push through damage, the H/L deck has a good game. But it doesn't work against many combo decks.

As to doing Modern Age over BYOS - believe me, that makes me a little bit sad. I might have to forego my attempts to win a Wii, as BYOS is one of my single favorite formats. Then again, there's that Random Punks thing for 6$...I may just try and sneak into one of those.

Anyway, my plans for the Windy City Vs Extravaganza are as follows: Supercrossover Sealed, Modern Age, Random Punks, Galactus.

Eating will make this trip painfully expensive. Thankfully, I should have a job starting next week...but not enough of one, that's for damn sure.

So, I hope to see any/all of you at the Megaweekend! I hope to hear about some spoiled Runaways/Young Avengers cards at the Megaweekend! I hope that the Megaweekend is an enormous success, and we'll have many years to follow, so I could attend more than one. I'll be updating each night, so come here for some reports!

I realize this post was...pretty random. Something more normal to come, perhaps tomorrow or Saturday. See you al

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, I am mentioning you in the article.

(Link me to a pic if you want. Realms PM or on my blog.)