Monday, March 3, 2008


I actually really enjoy this deck, though it's not the best I've ever made. Let me know what you think, if it doesn't work for some reason, etc...

15x Daxamites, Army

3x Kate Spencer <> Manhunter, Fearless Renegade

1x Barbara Gordon <> Oracle, Hacker Elite
4x Bart Allen <> Kid Flash, Generation Fourth
2x Michael Holt <> Mr. Terrific, Renaissance Man

3x Power Girl, Child of Crisis

4x Barry Allen <> The Flash, Founding Member

3x Keystone City
3x United Planets HQ, Team-Up
3x Birthing Chamber

Plot Twists
4x Justice United, Team-Up
4x A Moment of Crisis
4x Terminal Velocity
3x Enemy of My Enemy
3x Poker Night

This deck is...pretty obvious. I really like it, largely because I now have 6 Power Girl, Child of Crisis, and I want a use for her. I know this breaks my rule of 'build with what I have' - knowing how scarce DCL is, do you honestly believe that I have 4 Terminal Velocity and 4 Barry Allen? And knowing how scarce my monies is, do you honestly believe that I have ANY Enemies?

Still. The goal here is to make it to turn 6 with as much endurance as possible. Stunning up curve should be absolutely no problem for you, nor should teaming up. You want one A Moment of Crisis in your row for turn 6. Name the Flash, and then see how much you can nail your opponent for! Even if you only have two characters - Power Girl and The Flash, that's 4 swings right there. If Bart Allen is still on the field, he can join one of them in a direct swing thanks to his awesome ability. Daxamites will keep you alive far better than they should - against most decks you'll be gaining 4-6 endurance per turn, but against those pesky X-Men decks, you'll be gaining a frankly embarrassing amount of life - 3 recoveries in a turn means 6 endurance per Daxamite. Poker Night and Keystone should keep you from sucking more than you can handle.

The nicest thing about this deck is, even if you completely whiff on Moment/Velocity, you can still beat the hell out of your opponent. Feel free to make alterations or test the deck out as you will - it's one of my favorite decks to play online, and it doesn't do too shabby, generally.

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