Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Computer!

So, armed with a new computer, I say this: you can now expect a return to regular updates! I know, it's glorious, you're thrilled, you love me, yadda yadda. I'm pretty excited myself, both at the shiny new piece of laptop sitting right here in front of me AND at the prospect of jabbering on about VS with you a little.

Here, in this brief update, are a few things I'm thinking about taking to the Megaweekend.

First off, Heralds/Legionnaires Lifegain. It's a fun silver-age deck that won't go winning...errr...anything, but would be pretty hilariously awesome.

Shadowpact - a default choice for any BYOS. I'm terrible at playing it, but if nothing else presents itself, it's the choice.
Alternatively, I could struggle desperately to build a Crime Lords deck. If I hate myself, I will. Hmmmm...what other teams do I really like that I could do as BYOS? Any suggestions for BYOS teams you'd like to see?

ww.bb.com, my Wonder Woman/Beast Boy dual-legend deck is a possibility for Modern Age, or Silver, or Build a Legend, or BYOS (it is mono-set, I think).

Undercover, my IG/BoP deck, could be a fun possibility for Modern or Silver.

Legendary, my Invisible Woman legends deck is a possibility for a BYOS, Build a Legend, or Modern, or Silver Age deck.

So, what do you want to face off against in the Windy City?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The ghost of Ernie Banks.

Whatever you play... win one for me!