Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Untitled? Perhaps.

I must open, my friends, with an apology - it is finals week here at the prestigious Ohio University, and I am swamped with meaningless papers. Sadly, since I am paying them for the privilege of turning these papers in (because I'm an idiot), these must be completed before I can spend much time on the far preferable Vs. and Comic Book related Shenanigans in which I engage.

However, all is not lost! I have some brief news, a report on the Birds of Prey/Injustice Gang deck I built. I also have this news, exciting in the highest degree: I'm going to Megaweekend Chicago! Later this week, I'm going to compile a list of potential decks for me to take to the Megaweekend, so that you know exactly how to kick the shit out of me, should we meet in a tournament. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, thoughts on the BoP/IG deck, after having taken it to the local hobby league.

1) More pumps - I could kill by 6 about 50% of the time. The rest of the time, I would just build a bigger and bigger board that just couldn't do much. I could still win, sometimes, on 7 or even 8...but, still. I'd rather not risk taking it that late.

2) More variety in character - I would often run out of unique characters pretty quickly, forcing myself to underdrop and wasting resource points. Maybe it was just bad luck shuffles, but it was still a definite problem.

3) One More 4 - Hitting Jemm or Vixen on 4 ended up being pretty crucial to my survival, most of the time. I'd add another Jemm, to wall and/or smash on turns 4 and 5. He's a beast.

That's all for now, sadly. I have to get back to examining what Shakespeare has to teach the modern reader about Elizabethan sexuality and gender norms. You can tell that college is teaching me many valuable life skills.

Enjoy your day.

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