Friday, June 6, 2008

Building Marvel Soldiers

Daredevil, Kitchen Cleanser
Cost: 5
Team: Marvel Knights
ATK: 9
DEF: 9
[Activate] -> Remove any number of target attackers from this attack. Lose endurance equal to the combined cost of characters removed this way.

When I said that I wanted to make a deck utilizing Shiloh Norman <> Mr. Miracle, my mind first popped over to the Marvel Knights. It did that largely because of Neighborhood Watch. I initially thought that Shiloh had Loyalty, and so could only be played with the Marvel Knights. I was wrong, of course. I am sometimes an idiot. However, when I was looking through the available Marvel Knights characters for some decent stall choices, I noticed a stand-out. Daredevil, Kitchen Cleanser.

Daredevil's effect is remarkably similar to Shiloh's, with the same strengths and weaknesses. Much like Shiloh, it's an effect that essentially burns through your endurance but, in return, forces an opponent to burn through an attack to get what they want. He's tough to get rid of, but he does have one important downside: the endurance cost. Between paying 3 endurance for Shiloh and a varying amount of endurance with Daredevil, you need to be gaining a lot of endurance, and I'm sorry to say, Marvel Knights just doesn't do too much of that.

Right now, we've only got three cards in for sure.

3x Daredevil, Kitchen Cleanser
4x Shiloh Norman <> Mr. Miracle, Soldier of Victory
4x Neighborhood Watch, Team-Up

Now, in order for this to work, we're going to need to team-up, so in lieu of anything fancy, I'm going to add in a generic team-up - The Multiverse, Team-Up - four of 'em, I think.

Now, that's the core. And one of the strengths of that core is, of course, Neighborhood Watch, which will allow you to name any team. But would any team really help us do what we want?

Well, Heralds of Galactus certainly have one or two cards that help us with our endurance problems - not to mention, of course, a good game ender for any stall deck in the Big Galactus himself. So what cards might be helpful in our deck?

Cosmic Necessity may not be bad - it's a card that will net us either two cards, or 5 endurance, at the cost of exhausting Shiloh Norman, who we'll probably be stunning every single turn anyway. I Hunger is a great card for helping us lower the amount of endurance we'll be losing, and Inspiring Demise is great for throwing down to keep your board presence, even if it does net your opponent some endurance. And wouldn't The Herald Ordeal, Team-Up be a more versatile generic team-up for this deck than The Multiverse? I think it would be.

So, right now, we have three teams, working together to make sure that an opponent won't be busting through your defenses anytime soon. The Heralds will keep you alive as the New Gods and the Marvel Knights work in tandem to shut your opponent down. Will this work? I have absolutely no idea - but I like the idea. In a couple days, we'll work to nail down the characters a little more, and with that done, we'll be able to settle on some plot twists.

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