Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Legendary, pt II

Tomorrow there's a Build A Legend (Silver) Tournament I'm attending. Not a big one, but I still had to build something. I like my Invisible Woman deck, but it's certainly nothing special, and my complete apathy for the characters and teams involved means I definitely won't be sticking with it.

So, for all of you, here's a drastically inferior (right now) deck, the one that I'll be taking with me.

Legendary (pt 2): Beast Boy/Wonder Woman
3x Ray Palmer <> The Atom, World's Smallest Hero
4x Aztek, Champion of Quetzalcoatl
1x Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr

1x The Chief, Niles Caulder
3x Red Tornado, Elemental Andriod
2x Adam Strange, Champion of Rann

4x Beast Boy, Garfield Logan
2x Mento, Steve Dayton

2x Negative Man, Larry Trainor
2x Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace

3x Robotman, Cliff Steele

2x Beast Boy, Freak of Nature

3x Wonder Woman, Founding Member

4x The Multiverse, Team-Up
3x Forbidden Loyalties, Team-Up
2x Headstrong Charge
4x Call of the Wild
4x Fury of the Amazons
4x Misfits
3x Freak Out

3x Dayton Manor

3x Lasso of Truth

Now, as I always say, I only build with what I have, normally. No Enemy for me, and I only currently have 2 Mobilize, so that's not the best option. Even so, I think that there are a few changes I would definitely make. First, axe the 1-drops. I generally just don't have much use for the little bastards, other than an early team-up and discard fodder. They're not bad...I'd just rather put more 2, 3, and 4 drops in their place. That's all I'll go with for now, but there are improvements to be made. It's also 62 cards, but that's the price I pay for wanting to do a dual-legend deck while lacking one or two cards. Also, you'll notice 1-ofs like The Chief...yeah, in two boxes of DCL, I pulled 1 Chief, two Mento, 1 Elasti-Girl, 1 Dayton Manner, and 14 Robotman. Friends traded me the rest of the Doom Patrol stuff.

On a decent draw, turn 7 will often be a 15/15-19/19 Beast Boy, a 13/13 Robotman, and a Wonder Woman with a couple Fury of the Amazons. And that should be the ballgame.