Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lazy Man's Tourny Report

As I said yesterday, I was taking a Beast Boy/Wonder Woman legend deck - "The Beast With Two Backs" or "" - to a Build A Legend event. And lo!, but it went down. Now, you won't get a blow-by-blow because I'm a lazy, forgetful bastard, and I forgot to take notes...but you will get a brief report.

Round One: FIGHT! vs. Wolverine

This match got off to a lucky start for me. I went first, dropping Ray Palmer <> The Atom in my concealed area, and passed to my opponent, who threw down Wild Child. With my swings, I took Ray into Wild Child, knocking my opponent down 3 endurance to my one.

49 - 47

Round two was equally lucky. I was sure I was about to get faced for twenty damage...but my opponent whiffed, having Wolverine, Logan and Wolverine, Bub...but no 1 or 2 drops. I, no the other hand, had Aztek, Chamption of Quetzacoatl, and because Wild Child exhausted to his own effect, I swung for 4 more damage, but my opponent flipped an X-Men Assemble, and I started to worry. Wild Child was now a 5/1.

48 - 43

It was my initiative on three, and I had Beast Boy, Garfield Logan to his Wolverine, Logan. Now, a 3/3 to his 6/6 didn't seem that impressive, so I threw down a Call of the Wild on Beast Boy, making him a 5/5, and swung at Wild Child, making him a 6/6. Atom and Aztek didn't have the muscle to take down Logan, but Logan had reinforced Wild Child anyway, so we went on to the next turn, with Wild Child becoming a 6/2. A Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning on his side made me sad.

48 - 42

For my opponent, a couple different people came down. Shadowcat, Phase Shifter popped into his hidden area, as well as Cable, Nathan Summers, burning me for 4. I dropped Wonder Woman, Ambassador for Peace. The Atom chilled in the Concealed area, and Aztek stayed in the back row, with Wonder Woman and Beast Boy in the front. He got Beast Boy stunned, but he had to team attack to do it, putting BB at a respectable 8/8. That left him with 9 attack on the board, which he tried to swing into WW. Like a gentleman, I reminded him of Aztek, and he passed attacks to me. Wonder Woman took Wild Child down, but Logan reinforced once more. In recovery, he flipped a Muir Island putting Cable at 6/5 and Wild Child at 7/2, then drew with Xavier's.

41 - 38

My build, and I played Robotman in the support row and passed. He matched me, KO'ing Logan to play Wolverine, Bub. Dayton Manner and two team-ups came up in my row, and I have a 9/9 Robotman, a 8/7 Wonder Woman, and an 8/8 Beast Boy. Beast Boy took down Bub, doing 6 to him and 3 to me, and then Wonder Woman and Robotman took Cable and Wild Child down once more. He passed with Shadowcat, and recovered Wolverine and Wild Child. I realized that I had forgotten to play the two Fury of the Amazons in my row. Oh, well. I got my prevenge when I watched him Cerebro away his only Berserker Rage earlier that turn.

38 - 27

On a particularly dull turn, we both whiffed. He had another Cable, Nathan Summers, I had a Mento, Steve Dayton. That was that. Robotman activated, and received a Dayton Manner, becoming a 12/12, while Beast Boy sat pretty at 9/9. WW, Ray Palmer and Aztek were chilling. He took out Wonder Woman and Beast Boy, but didn't have the punch to take out any more. With Robotman exhausted, however, neither did I. I recovered Beast Boy, he recovered everyone (and flipped a second Assemble!), and we moved on. Endurance totals become fuzzy here, so I'm gonna stop them.

Turn 7 was the last turn. I dropped Wonder Woman, Founding Member, he dropped a couple characters. I showed him my two Furies, and that combined with 3 characters with flight (one of which was an 13/13 3-drop thanks to a second Call of the Wild), he scooped.


I don't really want to talk about my next match. It was against Revenge Squad, playing Lex Luthor Legends (a bit haphazardly). While I had a strong early game, his characters got big, fast, and missing my 6-drop was the kiss of death. He ended up winning by almost 30 endurance.


Coming right off that rousing victory, I stumbled into a match against the Punisher. We both opened with 1-drops - Ray Palmer for me and Black Panther for him, and we each took two. Thankfully, I KO'd Panther with Adam Strange after that.

Round two began with him playing 2-drop Punisher, Suicide Run concealed, and my playing Aztek visible. I took 2, but so did he.

Round three is where things got bad, as I completely whiffed. He did not, however, throwing down a Ghost Rider. He took 3 to the face, and then kicked the shit out of me. To add insult to injury, he Suicide Run'd Aztek.

Round 4, he threw down Punisher, Guns Blazing, fully equipped. I completely whiffed again, and that's when I folded. Looking through my deck, it would've been another 2 turns before I drew a single character.


(thankfully, after I took my loss, the guy played me again. I won that one, but it was a much closer contest)

My final battle of the night was against another Wolverine Legends deck.

This is the battle I remember the least of, the be entirely honest, so my report will be scattered and dull. Apologies all around!

The game opened up pretty similar to my game against Sean in round 1, but the endurance was kept pretty close. Going into turn 7, I had 14 endurance, and he had 13. He had a full board - Wolverine, Bub with a Mandroid Prototype, Domino, Cable, Jubilee, Gambit, Shadowcat, Jean Grey (2), Beast, and Sabertooth. I had a 20/20 6-drop Beast Boy, a 15/15 Robotman, and a 6/6 Mento, Steve Dayton. I played the Misfits, unsure if I should search out Wonder Woman, Ambassador for Peace or Wonder Woman, Founding Member. My fear of Fastball Special and X-treme Maneuver - he was packing 4 of each - prompted me to search out Ambassador for Peace. I played her behind Beast Boy, and geared up for battle.

Bub was enough to take out Robotman, so I reinforced with Mento. I had 9 life left. Beast, Shadowcat, Cable, Jean Grey, and Sabertooth team-attacked Beast Boy, and had just barely more attack than I could pump out of. That left him with 5 attack on the board, and me with 3 life left. And this is where I lost the game.

He played Turnabout on Jubilee...and I passed. Had I remembered to use Wonder Woman, AoP's ability, I had the game. But...I passed. And so, I lost the game, ending up at -2.


I came in second last place, which was pretty disappointing, especially given that, had I not made that last mistake, I would've gotten one of the 4 Flash t-shirts that were being given out. Ah, well.

The deck performed well, even when I did not. Only one deck there - Revenge Squad ongoing - completely outperformed me. I feel that stood pretty well with the other decks, though, after seeing the metagame, I almost wish I had included Starfire + Starbolts in the deck as my 5-drop.

And there you have it.

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