Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My DCL Pull List

Here'll be my ever-updating DCL pull list for rares and foils. On top of that, I've FABULOUSLY fixed the comments - you can make them now! (I know no one reads this; shut up!)

Foil Rares
Roy Harper <> Red Arrow, Coming of Age

Barry Allen <> The Flash, Founding Member
New Era
Captain Atom, Quantum Energy
Terminal Velocity
The Joker, Killer Smile
Martian Manhunter, The Last Martian
Desaad, Dark Side Therapy
Lazarus Pit, Non-Unique * Death's Door
Dayton Manor
Lobo, The Main Man
Chemo, Toxic Waste
Power Siphon
Donna Troy <> Wonder Girl, Amazon Warrior
Fury of the Amazons
The Demon's Head

Martian Manhunter, Founding Member
Gorilla Grodd, Psionic Simian
Plastic Man, Plastic Fantastic

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