Saturday, December 8, 2007


So, what do I write about here? Well, my hope is, a little bit of everything. I'm hoping to hit on things like comic book reviews, book reviews, Vs System decks and strategy, all that sort of thing. Maybe a little bit about TV, a rant here or there. My Christmas list, just in case you want to get me something special. You know, that's pretty much it.

Today? Today I'm going to throw down a deck. Comment as you will. Insult me, feed me, tell me I'm gorgeous - whatever.

First, I'll lay down the deck for you. So here comes...LEGENDARY

4x Valeria Richards, Child of Light and Darkness
4x Invisible Woman, Walking on Air

4x Professor X, Idealistic Dreamer
2x Luke Care, Steel-Hard Skin
1x Namorita, Atlantean Warrior Princess

4x Jean Grey, Age of Apocalypse
1x Zazzala <> Queen Bee, Mistress of the Hive

4x Human Torch, Nova Blast

2x Invisible Woman, Sight Unseen

2x Dr. Strange, Ally of the Four

1x Invisible Woman, Shield of the Four

2x Jean Grey, Phoenix Force

Plot Twists

4x The Greater Threat, Team-Up
3x Invisibility
4x Children of the Atom
4x Splintering Consciousness
4x What Are Friends For?
4x Firewall


3x Cerebro
3x Worthington Industries, X-Corp

Now, I suppose I need to set a few things straight. When I make decks, I make them with the cards I have at hand. I would love to toss in Emma Frost, Ice Queen as my four, over Human Torch...and I would love to have Telepathic Suppression in there over WAFF and Force Field Projection over Firewall. But...I don't.

Now, you'll notice that one strange card in there as well - Zazzala. It's strange, I know, but I wanted a way to kill without tossing a 9-drop in there, largely because I don't have any silver-age legal 9-drops. But, also because Zazalla, if dropped on turn 9 with a few other characters can completely decimate an opponent when you use Jean Grey, Phoenix Force's ability.

The deck has proven quite versatile and strangely powerful, considering the small amount of cards available to me. There are changes I would love to make, but I haven't gotten the opportunity yet. And, as it is, it works. The reason the deck is called Legendary is because it's only 2 cards away from a Jean Grey Legends deck, and 4 cards away from a Human Torch one, on top of BEING an Invisible Woman Legends deck.

It's a pretty solid deck, all-in-all...but that said, it could use some changes. The core of the deck is solid. Prof-X keeps your board up, Valeria and Human Torch can be double-used with Doc Strange to stop certain decks from killing you too fast. Invisible Woman on 7 essentially guarantees that you'll be making it to 8.

Anyway, so there's a deck for you to play around with. I hope you enjoy it, and I've been a big fan lately. Invisible Woman was the only Legend in Marvel Legends I was really excited about, so I'm glad that I had the opportunity to make up a semi-playable deck with her.

Hope you had fun. That's all I got for you today - it's been a glorious lazy day, and I want to get back to watching the X-Files and getting ready for dinner.

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martin said...

I like your deck! Nice post, too. Keep it up! :D

And I thought you're watching How I Met Your Mother... =P haha