Friday, December 7, 2007 EVERY.THING.

I'm a pretty lazy guy by nature, and an even lazier writer. So, this seems like a monumentally bad idea, starting up a blog, right?

Well, you're wrong. See, as shy, lazy, and unethically beautiful as I am, I just can't seem to shut up about comics, and Vs, and all that crazy awesome - stuff. I guess, no matter how hard I try, the superior nature of the world of Vs overwhelms me. So here you go. And don't worry - I plan on keeping it short tonight. No in-depth deck shenanigans here today.

So, what on earth do I write about? Comics? Vs? Vs. I mean, think about it...DC Legends is coming out soon, The Coming of Galactus recently hit. Vs is going through the maddest upswing ever.

And, yeah, comics is having a good time, too. You'll be hearing all about what I'm reading, I'm sure. And other things. Complaints, scans, reviews, etc...but for now, Vs.

Preview week(s) is going on. Now, maybe it's just me - though I strongly suspect it isn't - but preview time just happens to be one of the most exciting times of the year for me. Seeing the new cards is part of it, but a bigger part of it is probably the enormous, mad community dash that occurs right around now. Over on, the People, yes-with-a-capital-P-you-dolt, argue, fight, bicker, and geek out just about as hard as humanly possible.

We've seen a lot of previews thus far, and my geek-heart's favorite has easily been Freak Out! because...well, because Doom Patrol, that's why. But, card-wise...well, today, my mind was totally blown by Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace.

Yeah, Terminal Velocity was amazing and broken and crazy and I think, like, 80% of everyone wants four of it. But, Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace. She's Chaos Magic on a stick. Not a plot twist that made a huge splash, though I can honestly say it was a huge, hilariously fun part of one of my older decks - Avengers/X-Statix team-attack. Looking at it, though, Wonder Woman is a more reliable, more versatile, more reusable version of Chaos Magic. It hits just about everything, and while she isn't omnipotent, it's still quite normally potent. And while the art is like a punch to the testicles - shocking, and lingeringly painful - the card itself is wonderful.

Not a lot is going to get said tonight. More will get said sometime soon, but tonight...? I shall leave you with a quote.

"I've been talking to dead rabits and feeding bloody walls. I've done horrifying things with salad tongs. It's really eaten into my social life."
-Jhonen Vasquez

I think that adequately sums it all up. Now, please enjoy food or pornography or whatever it is you crazy kids do with your free-time.

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