Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar Season

So, the nominations are up for this year's Oscars, and like many years, they seem to reward careful mediocrity over stunning execution, critical/popular acclaim, or... uh... any other category you could base such things on. I loved The Dark Knight, and I was truly disappointed by the lack of Oscar nods it got, but the real crime? Wall*E, one of the most daring films of past year and perhaps the best romance of the past five, is left out of a Best Picture nod in favor of blatant Oscar-bait like Benjamin Button.
Is Benjamin Button a bad movie? Of course not. It's well-crafted, heartfelt and interesting. But it never once reached the highs of Wall*E.

Feel free to chime in with the actors, actresses, and films you feel got snubbed this year!

The List Of Nominations


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Bruce. I thought I had an account on here but...

Damn you for making me post here! But hey, I do read your blog so I thought I'd prove it. Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Ah, movies, my true passion (On some days). I'm glad to hear the Wall-E love. People don't believe how great that film is. It's probably the best Romance and Sci-Fi film in years. But it's hard to compare to films like Frost/Nixon or The Dark Knight (Two films I currently rank higher than Wall-E on my top ten). Although Dark Knight does have faults, whereas Wall-E doesn't have any significant ones (It's not dark enough! Kidding). So I may have to update the list.

What do you think? Should I post my top ten movies list on Read/Rant? It's slightly comic-related. There are two on there, guess which two! And who will stop me? Billy is in the Phantom Zone!

I just put up a review of Superman Beyond #2. I expect you to comment on how right I am. Wasn't it awesome? And maybe we can continue this Oscar business there when it's easier for me.

The Seventh Soldier said...

I've been having some Internet problems, which has caused me to fall behind in my reviews once more - and in my comments. I'll be catching up soon, though.

On Wall*E - same as Dark Knight and Frost/Nixon, actually, I think that Wall*E deserves the nomination for both daring, and for pulling it off. Where The Reader and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button were both competent, well executed movies, there was nothing exceptional about them.

But, look at Wall*E. That was a movie that literally should never have been made, knowing the cost of making a movie. Almost completely without dialogue for the first hour, it's a romance about two robots in a dystopian future.

It isn't the perfect movie, but it was one of the riskiest in years... and one of those in which the risks definitely paid off.