Monday, May 12, 2008


So, Marvel Universe previews are in full swing. While I've swung wildly from "Woo! That's frackin' awesome!" for things like the Avengers previews to the "'s that...thing" for the Illuminati. Generally, my gut reaction has been spawned from how much I care about the teams/characters. Thus, the Illuminati invokes a sense of Bendis Dread, while Squirrel Girl made me smile and yell at my roommates.

Now, there's something of a...cult. A cult of, let's call it, awesome. And that cult is dedicated to the use of the Crime Lords team in Vs. The art isn't great on many of the crime lords cards, and they are and always have been massively underpowered. The characters are far from big-name, and their theme, while interesting, wasn't the most useful one you could imagine. It was a lot of fun to play, though, and the effects were frequently hilarious. People were generally unsure what to think when they saw Marked for Death or Untouchable.

Today begins Crime Lords week. Now tied in with Hydra, the Crime Lords are back and better, perhaps, than ever. Over on, they gave us our first taste of the Crime Lords goodness to follow.

Yup. Bucky's gotten bigger and badder. After almost dying in the explosion that froze Cap, Bucky was found and captured by the Russians. During the Cold War, the brain-washed but highly trained Bucky was used as the Soviets premiere assassin, always put back to 'sleep' after each mission. Recently, however, he broke free and remembered himself, but before then, he was a killer for hire, working with Lords of Crime in order to destabilize Captain America and get revenge for slights during WW2 and the Cold War.

THIS is the kind of power level the Crime Lords needed. Instead of making them almost curve if they're reinforced, giving them a free-stun - now that's potent. If this is an indication as to what the Crime Lords will be like, expect me to pick up a playset of each of them.

The second card for today?

A finishing move that requires a little bit of planning, but it's great for playing the psychological games the Crime Lords love so much. With Death Warrant, opponents will never know exactly when it's safe to attack without automatically losing their characters.

There's a lot of potential here. I can't wait to see what UDE has in store for us this week!

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