Monday, January 28, 2008

Silver-Age Deck Core: Legionnaires/Heralds of Galactus

I'm going to do a short series of things about one deck...and how it got built. Epic, right? But, really, it's just to solidify things in my own head. It's a pretty standard deck, using one of my favorite sets - DLS - and one of my least favorite - MHG - and it's the first really potent cosmic deck I ever made.

Here is the core of one of my all-time favorite decks.

Plasma, Replacement Herald

We Are Legion

Saturn Girl, Imra Ardeen

I think you're picking up where this is going pretty damn quickly. Those three cards, only one of them a rare, are the powerful core of one of the most efficient life-gain decks I've ever seen.

Next time? Building it from the ground up.

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