Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Silver-Age Deck-Building: Heralds/Legionnaires

Okay, so there was the core of that deck. Based on those three cards, what do we know?

1. Cosmic is good.
2. Under-dropping is good.
3. Team-attacking is good.

So, wow. There's the themes. You want to under-drop cosmic character. Shazam! Deck done!

...not really. You wish, huh?

Well, here's a few things to keep in mind for the deck.

Obviously, if you're going to be under-dropping, you want to maintain card advantage. What do we have available for that?

Some of the best generic options...
Ego Gem, Infinity Gem
New Baxter Building
Birthing Chamber

Past, Present, and Future, Team-up
Elemental Converters
Triad, Luornu Durgo
Foiled Assassination

Ego Gem is generally a good option. There's little downside...except for exhausting to it, which you don't normally want to do. Not a bad option, so we'll put it to the side.

New Baxter Building is a great card, but if we're iffy even on the Ego Gem, we probably won't be using too much equipment. It's probably not worth it.

Birthing Chamber is good. Really good, if you're under-dropping enough...which we will be. It's in.

Past, Present, and Future, Team-up is a good option. If we have to team-up, getting an extra card in the deal isn't a bad option.

Elemental Converters is another good card, but it's hurt by the need to discard to it. Not a bad option, though.

Triad, Luorno Durgo is amazing. You want her in your deck.

Foiled Assassination is one of the best recovery options in the game, especially for this deck. Bring one character back to your hand to drop again next turn, and recover a character? Yes, please.

So far, here's what we have.

Triad, Luorno Durgo
Saturn Girl, Imra Ardeen
Plasma, Replacement Herald

Plot Twists
Past, Present, and Future, Team-up
We Are Legion
Foiled Assassination

Birthing Chamber
Elemental Converters

That sets up the core of a team-attack deck. It gives you the card draw you need to keep pushing characters onto the field.

Another part of the deck is life-gain. So, let's have a look at some of what's available.

Level 12 Intelligence
A Proud Zinco Product
Leslie Thompkin's Clinic

Galactus, Devourer of Worlds
Worldeater Apparatus
Galan, Famished
Human Torch, The Invisible Man
The Arrival
The Herald Ordeal, Team-Up
I Hunger
Elemental Battle
Cosmic Necessity

I'm not going to go over all of these, but I am going to knock some out of the running and explain why.

Cosmic Necessity can be good, but the fact that your opponent chooses makes it a little less useful.

Galan, Famished is good, but his lack of cosmic might hurt him, especially if you hit him after turn 1. Out.

The Arrival. Not bad, but it's too little endurance, even if you control Galactus.

Leslie Thompkin's Clinic is too little, and the back-up effect isn't that helpful in the deck.

Elemental Battle is not enough defense and not enough endurance.

I Hunger can be useful, but you aren't going to be stunning enough characters, in all probability, to make it come in handy.

A proud Zinco Product is great tech, but it's completely dead if your opponent isn't running equipment. It's out.

What does that leave as possibilities?

Level 12 Intelligence
Galactus, Devourer of Worlds
Worldeater Apparatus
Human Torch, The Invisible Man
The Herald Ordeal, Team-Up

Galactus, Devourer of Worlds is a fine game-ender. He's fine as a 1-of.

The Herald Ordeal, Team-Up is good. I'd say, probably run 2 of 'em, since you're already running 4 of PPaF.

Worldeater Aparatus is in. Gives all your characters something to do on defense.

Human Torch, The Invisible Man is an all-around powerful card, even without the cosmic counter.

Level 12 Intelligence is worth including in a equipment-heavy meta...otherwise, keep it out. I won't have it in this version of the deck, but feel free to include it.

And that's all for tonight. I hope you enjoy it, and you can probably see where I'm going with this.

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