Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

I don't know how many of you enjoy musicals. I love them, and I've never really understood people who dislike something just because it's a musical (like Sweeney Todd - seriously, it's about revenge, cannibalism, and serial murder, and people still make fun of it 'cuz there are songs), but I know that people out there like that do exist.

I don't know how many of you enjoy Joss Whedon. I like him alright, and I understand people who dislike him. I myself hated the first two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seasons 3-6 are solid gold, though). If you are feeling particularly open-minded, there are a few episodes of Buffy I'll suggest in a later post that might turn you on to the show. Nonetheless, one of the most fun, clever episodes of the show, I thought, was "Once More, With Feeling", the musical episode. It was serious and sad, but also self-satirical and pretty damn funny. Overall, it was just a damn good watch.

Ever since then, I've kind of vaguely wished to see Whedon do another musical. He isn't a Sondheim or Schwartz, but the Buffy episode was fun, the songs were catchy, and the camp was glorious. And, recently, I've gotten my wish.

Whedon, long a fan of superheroes and longer, I think, a fan of cheesy fun, has created Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, a 45-minute-long Internet musical about a supervillain trying to make it into the big time. Dr. Horrible is played by Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Houser, MD & Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle), and he's trying to make it into the Evil League of Evil. To do so, he must first prove himself to them, overcoming his own self-confidence issues and the massive physical powers of his nemesis, Captain Hammer, played by Nathon Fillion (Firefly, Serenity).

The first act came out yesterday, the next tomorrow, and the final comes out on Saturday. Watch quickly, though - on Sunday, they'll be taken down and packaged for a DVD release.

Joss Whedon. Super-villains. Musicals. It's like Christmas for me, and I thought I should share for those few of you who share this particular interest of mine.

I apologize for the lack of recent VS content, but it's hard to find inspiration when I spend most of my time on a fan-set, and have no one in the area to play with. Still, I've been looking through the MUN cards, and liking what I see, so I'll likely touch on that soon enough.

Hope you're all having a fantastic summer.

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